About Us

Eight UGEB courses offered by the School of Life Sciences involve diverse fields of scientific theories, applications and the ethical concerns of new biotechnology like genetically modified food and stem cells research.

To help our students to master the abstract scientific concepts, make connections among the seemingly isolated topics, apply knowledge to daily life scenarios and extend their learning beyond the course, we have developed an integrated learning platform, Visual and Narrative Inquiry based on the principle of a modified social science research method called “photo-elicitation”. 

Our Visual Narrative platform allows students to construct and recall scientific theories based on their prior knowledge and learning experience during the class by selecting a photo of interest from our database, writing a descriptive narrative and commenting on others’ narratives.

Through the exercise, students will be motivated to integrate the knowledge of what they have learnt from the course with their personal experience as they can make use of their imagination, creativity, logical thinking and learning experience to analyse and describe the photo in form of a narrative to show their unique personal interpretations. 



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