- upload photos with course instructor's permission.

- tag and write narratives for his/her uploaded photos.

- rate and comment on others' narrative.

However, a member CANNOT
- edit or delete others' photos.


After getting permission by course teachers, students are allowed to upload their photos in their corresponding courses in step 1. 

1) Click on your own course icon

2) Click "Upload Photo"

3) Upload a photo with high resolution in .png or .jpg with maxmium size of 2MB

The narratives written should be based on the following criteria:

- Concise and precise wording

- Relevance to scientific knowledge under current UGEB courses

- Creativity

- Personal experience and critical thinking 


After completing step 1 either by uploading your own photo or finishing narrative from pre-assigned photos, students should rate and comment on their peers' narratives.

For giving comments and rating other students' narratives, students should

1) avoid personal attack.

2) rate the narratives objectively.

Our platform aims to promote peer collaboration by sharing good narrative highly rated by students and teachers' recommendations.

In step 3, students are shown the recommended photos with the highest rating within their course or other UGEB courses so that student can understand and appreciate the good work. 


Unfortunately, you cannot. But you can still share the website with your friends.



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